Disabling GRUB graphical theme

I’ve been using Antergos/Arch Linux for a couple of years after switching from Ubuntu GNOME, and although I don’t dislike the shipped graphical GRUB theme (depicted below), I always found it unnecessary and in some resolutions the background image is stretched. So, after years of just being lazy and not really wanting to do it on my machine, ... Read more

Getting system notifications with R

So today I was making quite time consuming simulations in R, and I was wondering if there was a way to know when the simulations were finished so I could have a look at the results. Relevant xkcd: For those familiar with bash scripting in Linux, you can use notify-send to, well, send desktop notifications using the libnotify library. For thos... Read more

Custom domains and HTTPS with Github Pages

One of the main reasons people point out to use a custom domain is that people will take your website more seriously. I personally just did it because it’s relatively cheap and because I wanted to learn on the process. On this post I will try to explain shortly my (mis)adventures on setting up my own custom domain. Using Google Domains There ... Read more

Using Jekyll, Lightbox, and GitHub pages

Lightbox is a script used to overlay images on the current page. Its implementation in a pure HTML is fairly easy if you follow the documentation (I used it long ago for a secondary school project a friend and I did back in 2010). My idea was to see how this could be implemented in Jekyll using plug-ins or whatever. I found two nice implementa... Read more

Just bought a dot-grid notebook

Today I was printing some stuff in my favourite copy shop, and I found that they sold really cheap dot-grid notebooks (less than 3 euros), so I bought one without thinking twice. In the past, as the penny-pinching I am, I have always used either blank sheets of paper, or notebooks given to my dad by pharmaceutical visitors. As you can imagine, ... Read more